My Hardware

Here's a small table of my present hardware. I have plenty of other gadgets, so I'm making this mostly about things that connect to my home network. Eventually I might write more detailed descriptions about the things I have, but I'll do that in a separate article and post a link to it in the table.

Device Name Description
Desktop 1st PC

My main workstation. 1st PC was what I typed in as a temporary name and it's never been changed. Windows 7 Ultimate, 12 GB of Ram, duel monitors, ATI Radeon HD 5800, and SSD for system drive. It's been almost 3 years since last rebuild, starting to get the ich to do another, but system performs well for its age, could easily wait another year.


Laptop Tabtop This is my primary laptop. The screen swivles around so it can be used in tablet mode, but it's a little too thick and bulky to be used as a tablet. Plus Windows 7 doesn't have the best tablet mode. At some point I'll have to try out Windows 8 on this system.
Tablet Fire HD Kindle Fire HD 8.9' I just recently paired this up with a small bluetooth keyboard and it now performs well as a sort of netbook.
SOC Raspi1 My Raspberry Pi. SOC stands for system on a chip. The whole thing is about the surface area of a credit card. This is the model B revision 1 board. 700Mhz 256MB Ram. Running this in headless mode as an Apache server for my home network.
SOC Raspi2 Another Raspberry Pi. These things are so cheap I'll probably end up owning several. Although my second one is still sitting in its anti static bag. At some point I'm going to use this as a public web server. This is a revision 2 which bumps the Ram up to 512MB.
Tablet Fire The original Kindle Fire. This doesn't have all the bells and whistles you can currently find in a tablet but it was dirt cheap when it was first released. Solid tablet when used as a simple reader.
Phone iPhone My iPhone 4S. Yeah I know it's not very Geeky of me to be using an Apple product instead of Android, but I got plenty of other gadgets to play around with. Apple's walled garden isn't such a bad place for phones.
Server WHS Windows Home Server. I've got a desktop box with a couple of hard drives in it for local data back up. WHS is getting a bit old, thinking about moving to another OS for my fileserver.
Desktop Mini ITX The Mini-ITX board is probably a little smaller than a sheet of notebook paper. Which seemed really small before the Raspberry Pi came out. This little guy sits behind my monitor and runs Mint Linux. I don't really use this much since I mostly just SSH into my Raspberry Pi from my windows desktop. I'll probably repurpose this for something else, just not sure what yet.

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